Dubai’s Heart of Europe megaproject nears first stage completion

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Dubai (CNN) — What strikes home as the shuttle boat approaches the $5 billion megaresort being constructed off the coast of Dubai is its sheer audacity.

Nearly two decades in the making, the Heart of Europe forms just one section of The World — a vast collection of man-made islands roughly in the shape of an atlas — but when completed it will be the opulent centerpiece.

In the middle of a pandemic, it could yet prove to be a work of genius in its efforts to recreate the continent of Europe for upscale vacationers unwilling to make the trek.

Amid a global travel downturn caused by Covid, it also represents a major leap of faith in Dubai’s long-term allure.

After a four-kilometer boat ride from the mainland, the World’s 300 artificial islands rise up out of the Arabian Gulf like inverted golf bunkers.

Most of these have stood empty since the project began in 2003, with subsequent global financial downturns doing little to encourage developers.

And then the Heart of Europe (HoE) comes into view.

No fewer than 15 luxury hotels, vacation homes and billionaire mansions now stand or are beginning to appear on these aquatic plots. Most are still unfinished, awaiting the final touches needed to meet the first completion deadlines at the end of 2020.

Six themed islands form the Heart of Europe, with travelers able to choose between locations designed to replicate Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Venice, the Cote d’Azure and others.

The concept is that, once they’ve arrived, guests should be able to convince themselves they’ve been transported from often sweltering Arabian heat to less arid climes.

Snowballs in the heat

Sweden Beach Palace with dragon head2

On Sweden island, “palaces” are built beneath roofs that resemble upturned Viking boats.


On Sweden island, the surreality of this concept can literally hit you like a snowball in the face.

Within the island’s vast $21.8 million show mansion — one of 10 “palaces” beneath rooftops resembling upturned Viking ships — is a basement housing kitchens, a gym, spa and sauna … and a snow room.

White flakes are delivered on demand against an alpine backdrop from machinery powered by the same Arabian sunshine warming the infinity pool upstairs.

The mansion’s epic scale and unbridled yet tasteful opulence is stunning.

Surrounded by un-Scandinavian lush jungle, the boutique hotel-sized six-level homes come with an elevator as well as a private beach.

Exclusive furnishings by high-end car maker Bentley include plush seating for lavish dinner parties at a table the length of a limo, a circular bed with ocean views and a huge marble tub.

The Sweden Beach Palace has a snow room.

The Sweden Beach Palace has a snow room.

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Further up, a domed party lounge larger than many bars can accommodate 300 guests — ideal for those post-pandemic celebrations.

They’ll be able to toast their neighbors over in Germany — an impossible gesture in real life geography, yet feasible in the Heart of Europe atlas.

The design of Germany island’s 32 futuristic beach or lagoon-facing…

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