Coronavirus UK update live: Latest cases as government advisor calls for circuit

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More than half of England – 28 million people – has been placed under heightened coronavirus restrictions.

It comes as Sir John Bell, a member of the UK’s vaccine taskforce, called for a circuit breaker and said the situation in the country was “pretty grave”.

Pubs in Lancashire that are not restaurants were closed on Saturday, as it joined the Liverpool region in the tier 3 restrictions.

Meanwhile, people in London, Essex, Elmbridge, Barrow-in-Furness, North East Derbyshire, Erewash and Chesterfield are no longer allowed to mix inside with those from other households, including in pubs and restaurants.


Government needs to demonstrate how restrictions are working to win over ‘spoonful of scepticism’, Tory MP says

The government needs to demonstrate how coronavirus restrictions are working to win over the “spoonful of scepticism”, a Tory Lancashire MP has said

Jake Berry told the BBC: “I do think the British public would react extremely well to having the data shared with them in a simple and meaningful way.

“My preference would be through the NHS Test and Trace app to try and bring the people with us.

“Because I think the point that’s made by Greater Manchester is that people are very sceptical about whether this new tiering system will work.

“I think that spoonful of scepticism is because we’ve been in very similar measures since August and no one has really demonstrated to us the way out or how these measures are working.”

Samuel Osborne17 October 2020 10:08


Further restrictions could cause ‘irreparable damage’ to Greater Manchester’s economy, council leader says

Further coronavirus restrictions would cause “irreparable damage” to Greater Manchester’s economy without financial support from Westminster, the leader of Oldham Council has said.

Sean Fielding told the BBC: “We’re quite clear in Greater Manchester that our evidence doesn’t show that the closure of hospitality venues would bring down the infection rate and so that’s a sticking point for us.

“But of course if the government is insistent on imposing closures of businesses then we need money to mitigate the impact of that.

“This would lead to job losses, it would lead to business failures and it would lead to irreparable damage to the economy.

“We already have quite a fragile economy in Greater Manchester, and if the government isn’t willing to put up the money to do that, to support those economies and to support those businesses then it’s very difficult to agree to businesses’ closures.”

Samuel Osborne17 October 2020 09:52


Former health secretary indicates support for circuit breaker

The former Conservative health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has indicated his support for a national circuit-breaker lockdown and called for an end to the public war of words over local restrictions.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I’ve always thought that it’s better to do things quickly and decisively than to wait until the virus has grown so I have a…

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