Second stimulus check payment schedule: How fast could the IRS send more money

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How soon could your second stimulus check come? We lay out some possible dates from the time the bill is passed to when your money could actually arrive.

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When might you get a second stimulus check from the IRS? The answer hinges on Congress finalizing a deal for another stimulus bill that determines a set of qualifications that range from your age and income to your citizenship. Prominent lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have called for a return to negotiations.

“The public is demanding action on this now,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday. The debate has already dragged on for weeks, but other events and political developments are temporary road blocks that could delay a final agreement.

For example, the Democratic-fronted House of Representatives approved a $25 billion rescue bill for the United States Postal Service Saturday, though the Republican-controlled Senate is not expected to sign it into law. Instead, the GOP has earmarked $10 billion for the USPS in the party’s latest scaled-down bill, but this new proposal does not provide more stimulus checks for the American people. Additionally, the 2020 Republican National Convention begins Monday and runs through Thursday, further keeping talks at arms length. 

Where’s what we do know: Assuming a bill is passed, the IRS can issue the first batch of payments within a week of reaching a final deal, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The first round of payments were sent out starting roughly three weeks after the CARES Act passed in March.

Keep reading for a look at the possible payment schedule for a second stimulus check and who could receive it first. We frequently update this story.

How soon could the IRS deliver a second stimulus check?

Though extremely unlikely, Republican and Democratic negotiators could resume discussions and reach an agreement in late August. The GOP will be occupied with the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday, Aug. 24 and runs through next Thursday. Negotiations are more likely to slide into September after the new congressional session officially begins. The Senate is adjourned until after Labor Day, which is Sept. 7.

Here are some possible dates that another stimulus bill could pass and the IRS could send the first checks. For reference, we also include the timeline for the now expired CARES Act. The payments don’t go out to everyone at once, so we’ll go over which groups of people could get their payment first.

When could the second stimulus checks go out?

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